Leadership BITES

Dan Norenberg, Executive Ownershift

August 18, 2021 Guy Bloom Season 1 Episode 66
Leadership BITES
Dan Norenberg, Executive Ownershift
Show Notes

Dan Norenberg develops leaders and within that process executive teams. I connected with Dan and straight away saw a like minded thinker and straight shooter.

On this episode we discuss Dan's thinking and how he works with senior leaders.

We discuss among other things:

  • The Oxygen Mask Rule
  • Why all leaders arent great leaders, as they should be ny now

Dan's book, Executive Ownershift, is a great starting place to get insight into this thinking:

"When leadership teams do not perform at their best, everyone suffers. Low employee engagement levels, failure to meet strategic targets and inconsistent company growth are signs that leadership teams are not highly effective.

Executive Ownershift is a transformative growth program that enables leadership teams to deliver peak performance: When leadership teams perform at their best, so can everyone else.

This book introduces a top-down team approach that enables leadership teams to dramatically improve their performance. It highlights how leadership teams can transform their own businesses and how they can master what must go right and what can go wrong on their path to high performance. With examples and cases provide evidence that results come fast to leadership teams that recognize that they are the starting point for improvement and growth, the book is an excellent guide that allows struggling leadership teams to become good, and good leadership teams to become great."

You can purchase Executive Overshift here:

In the UK
In the US
In Germany

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