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10 years on from the INSPIRE leadership programme

June 06, 2021 Guy Bloom Season 1 Episode 55
Leadership BITES
10 years on from the INSPIRE leadership programme
Show Notes

Just over a decade ago Experian UK, ran a programme called Inspire. This episode  is a catalyst from Sam Gilbert who posted a picture on LinkedIn of the cohort he was in on the programme.

I am joined by Sam, Jemma Price and Keith Ambrose to discuss the impact of the programme then and now!

Sam said in his post:

"More than a decade ago, I took part in a leadership programme called Inspire.

All these years later, barely a week goes by without me drawing on the vast store of things I learnt from the experience and the people I shared it with. Reflecting on a meeting, I'll realize it went well because it transcended "ritual cliché", and achieved "true rapport". Facing a decision, I'll ask myself something Guy Bloom said when delivering: "What would a *good* version of you do? Not a superhuman, Mahatma Gandhi version, but a *good* version?"

It made me a braver and more compassionate person, and a better leader because of it.

Company priorities change over time, and I imagine Experian has been through several iterations of its people strategy since then. Inspire was a material investment that may not have driven short-term financial results.

But I am 100% sure it was the right thing to do. As Fred Pelard writes, businesses should think of training as a "no regret" move - one that yields a positive outcome in every scenario. That I'm writing today with warmth and gratitude about a company I left 8 years ago speaks to the truth of that".

Creating and running this programme was a labour of love, it was team effort to make it land and have the impact that is did.

It went on to win the:

  • WINNER-GOLD AWARD-Training Journals, Best Leadership Programme
  • Highly Recommended - HR Excellence Awards - Employee Engagement 
  • WINNER-ABP-2015-Excellence In Performance Improvement 

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